Preclinical Nuclear Imaging
CAMI Adds New Imaging Modality for Small Animal Studies, read more

Making Teeth Tough
Beavers Show Way to Improve Our Enamel read

Dr. Chan Steers Board
Andrew Chan, MD PhD Assumes Chair of Executive Advisory Board read more

New Alzheimer's Detection
MRI probe technology shows brain toxins in living animals for first time, read

The Chemistry of Life Processes Institute (CLP)

Established by Northwestern University in 2004, the Chemistry of Life Processes Institute (CLP) fosters the transdisciplinary collaborations among physical and life scientists and clinicians that are required to address the complexity of the “big questions” underlying human health and disease. The Institute’s faculty members are renowned for team-based, multidisciplinary approaches to biomedical research. The Institute integrates and promotes the growth of multiple cutting-edge research and instrumentation centers that provide researchers with the expertise and tools needed to advance transdisciplinary research. Read more