Hotel Space

Laboratory space in the Richard and Barbara Silverman Hall for Molecular Therapeutics and Diagnostics was designed to maximize line-of-sight interactions between researchers from diverse disciplines with the long term goal of facilitating collaboration across traditional disciplines.   The Institute administers four categories of space within the building: space for shared resource facilities, hotel lab space, community use space, and administrative office space.


Approximately 2,030 sf Specific laboratory space in the building was programmed as “hotel space” to enable visiting researchers to collaborate with their colleagues, to provide flexibility for new research projects, and to address urgent short term space needs resulting from new collaborations.

Occupancy would be limited to from 1 month up to 2 years to enable the dynamic flow of new collaborations within the building, unless special circumstances apply. Space is allocated by the CLP Faculty Steering Committee and hotel space is expected to be shared by multiple visitors on a daily basis. A Silverman Hall resident faculty member is expected to “host” their collaborators by submitting hotel space access requests on behalf of their collaborators that will occupy the space. The amount of space allocated would correspond to the number of visiting personnel working on the project with 6 feet of bench space allotted per group member. Hotel space utilization will be reviewed every 6 months to ensure that usage continues to align with project goals and CLP policy.

Silverman Hall offers three separate hotel spaces that contain clusters of lab benches that can be used for one or more projects. There is a limited amount of student office space available for visiting grad students, postdocs and research faculty. In addition, there two private faculty offices are currently unoccupied and available for visiting faculty. Detailed space layouts are provided in the Appendix.


  • Room 1721 on the first floor of Silverman West.  This space includes a sink and is close (one floor down) to the Developmental Therapeutics and recombinant Protein Production Core facilities.  There are no gas or air hook ups.  Shared office space, Room 1739, seating five is located in the adjacent lab.
  • Southeast bay in Room 2560 on second floor of Silverman East adjacent to the Meade and Allada research groups.
  • Rooms 3717 and 3715 on the third floor of Silverman West are allocated for tissue culture facilities and are adjacent to the Kelleher and Statsyuk research groups.  Shared office space, Rm. 3739 seating five is located in the adjacent laboratory.
  • Northeast bay in Room 4530 on the fourth floor of Silverman East adjacent to the O’Halloran Research Group.  This space includes a fume hood and a sink.  Shared office space, Rm. 4551, seating five is located in the adjacent lab. Currently allocated to Professors Henkin and Mazar in support of federally funded research projects.

Shared Office Space for Lab Personnel

Seating for visiting grad students, postdocs, and research faculty is available in shared office space located in Silverman first floor west, fourth floor east, third floor west, and basement east.


Applicants eligible to apply for use of Silverman Hall hotel space may include:

  • All Northwestern faculty members who are affiliated with CLP are eligible to apply for use of hotel space. 
  • Researchers visiting from other institutions, and Northwestern faculty that are not affiliated with CLP whose labs are located in other buildings (Tech, Cook, Hogan, Pancoe, etc.) that are actively collaborating with one or more Silverman Hall faculty, preferably in transdisciplinary research. 
  • Visitors may apply for hotel space to obtain proximity to a specific Silverman Hall colleague to develop new partnerships and to take advantage of certain equipment, shared instrumentation facilities or services.


Decisions regarding for allocation of CLP hotel space allocations will based on the following criteria:

  1. Availability of space with priority given to CLP members collaborating with Silverman Hall faculty or teams requiring close proximity to CLP core facilities followed by external teams collaborating with CLP faculty
  2. Ability of host to provide or share facilities and equipment needed to achieve project aims
  3. Alignment of projects with CLP mission to promote transdisciplinary and entrepreneurial research
  4. Requirement for proximity to CLP core facilities for successful completion of project goals
  5. Signed agreement to follow Silverman Hall policies and procedures
  6. Evidence of capability to support all personnel, supplies and instrument costs incurred while occupying hotel space
  7. Size of allocated space will be directly linked to the number of visiting project personnel, with each lab worker allotted ¼ of a standard Silverman Hall space module; approximately 6-12 linear feet of bench space


Applicants will be required to submit a form signed by their business administrator to the CLP business office specifying:

  • Name and title of the lead investigator and key personnel, along with copies of their latest CVs.
  • Name of collaborative project
  • Rationale for request including likely benefits and consequences if request is not granted.
  • Start date (when is the space needed)
  • Expected duration of project (months or weeks)
  • If usage is linked to a grant, provided grant award name, funding agency, project dates, and copy of specific aims.
  • Special needs of the project such as equipment, shared facilities (cold room, etc.)
  • Describe potential hazards or special features such as toxic chemicals, viruses or other infectious agents, noise, radioactivity, animal experiments, etc.
  • Name of Silverman Hall host investigator and LOS from the host confirming their support for the project.
  • List the number of people who will be working in the space.  Provide names, titles and email addresses
  • Any equipment that will be installed
  • A chartstring or PO that will be used to charge costs associated with phone and internet activation; moving equipment, supplies or lab furniture; any work done in the room by FM to accommodate the user; and any repairs due to damages incurred by the user.

Copies of the application will be provided to CLP Executive Members who will work with the CLP Director and facility manager to determine the most suitable space based on project needs.  They will also confer with faculty directors of research labs near the hotel space to ensure that the hotel space project will not create any impediments for their research. 


Provision of lab supplies, equipment, funding for activation of phone and internet connections is to be determined by the user and/or host.  Users will need to reach agreement with the host lab regarding access to common types of equipment in the host lab, such as: temperature-controlled rooms, centrifuges and rotors, water purification systems, incubators, tissue culture hoods and incubators, refrigerators and freezers, spectrophotometers, pH meters, chemicals and balances, PCR machines, microscopes, and fume hoods.

Under special circumstances, visitors may install equipment but must provide funding for any lab modifications required to accommodate equipment, such as specific voltage power, emergency power, connection of gas and other lines.  This work should be discussed in advance with the neighboring lab and must be approved by the CLP Faculty Steering Committee in advance.

Users will be responsible for funding any repairs and/or damages or special cleaning resulting from their stay and will be asked to provide either a Northwestern chartstring or a PO number that can be invoiced.


  1. The PI must provide a list of the names, email and phone numbers of all researchers, students and postdocs will be working in hotel space over the duration of use.
  2. All researchers, students and postdocs working in hotel space must provide certification of research safety training prior to issuance of access to the space and Silverman Hall.
  3. Undergraduate students will not be allowed to work in hotel space except under special circumstances.  Only UGS with prior documented lab training and experience of at least one year would be allowed to work in hotel space and then only by agreement with the faculty supervisor of adjoining space and only under the constant direct supervision of senior lab personnel. 
  4. Users are expected to familiarize themselves with standard operating procedures and management of Silverman Hall by reading the Silverman Hall User’s Manual.
  5. No one will be allowed to use the common glass wash and autoclave facilities that have not seen the autoclave training video. 
  6. Visitors are expected to participate in all safety drills and follow all University and relevant departmental safety guidelines at all times.  Note:  All Chemistry department personnel and those in shared space with CLP/Chemistry faculty laboratory space must wear PPE when in the laboratory space.
  7. Visitors will have access to Silverman Hall conference rooms and can reserve rooms using the online sign up system on the CLP website.
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