Organization & Structure

OrgChart.jpgThe Chemistry of Life Processes Institute continuously optimizes its internal management structure and is supported by three committees. The committees are responsible for providing feedback and guidance to Institute leadership.

The first is the Institute’s Internal Advisory Board, which is composed of University leaders; the Vice-President for Research, the Deans of the McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Science and the Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences and the Director of the Institute. The role of this group is to assure the coordination of Institute goals and policies with those of related scientific research efforts across campus.

The second advisory committee, the Executive Advisory Board (EAB), is composed of leaders from the pharmaceutical, banking and biotechnology startup fields. EAB members provide expertise in commercializing important new therapeutic and diagnostic agents and modalities as well as philanthropic support, both direct and indirect by facilitating the Institute’s outreach to potential donors.

The Faculty Executive Committee is the third committee, and the role of this group is to oversee the primary management of the Institute. It is composed of senior faculty members within the Institute, CLP center directors, the Director of CLP and the CLP Senior Director for Research, Education and Administration.