Reserve a Room in Outlook

IMG_0145_0.JPGIf you use Outlook, you can view the Silverman Hall conference room schedules and reserve rooms yourself.

Instructions on how to reserve a Silverman Hall conference room using Outlook

  • Click on "Calendar" in Outlook
  • Create a new appointment or meeting
  • In the To: field, add the meeting attendees
  • In the To: field, perform a room search and find the room you want to reserve (Silverman 1-510, Silverman 2-510, Silverman 3-510 or Silverman 4-510). The email address for each room follows this pattern, RM-2170Cmps-0X-510 [at] e [dot] northwestern [dot] edu.  If you want to see availability for all rooms, include each Silverman conference room in the to field and click on Scheduling Assistant in the menu bar at the top of Outlook.
  • Choose the room you want and send the request. All requests for Silverman conference rooms will automatically be directed to CLP for approval. Your request is pending until you receive a final approval message from me (within 24 hours).

Please visit Reserve a Room to learn about the conference facilities in Silverman Hall.