Silverman Hall Event Space Request


The Richard and Barbara Silverman Hall for Molecular Therapeutics and Diagnostics is designed to enhance interactions and collaborations among colleagues.  There are a variety of meeting rooms and gathering places, including two two-story interaction spaces, to encourage both spontaneous and planned interactions among research groups and across disciplines.  The Chemistry of Life Processes Institute (CLP) manages Silverman Hall and has established the following guidelines to be used by those requesting event space within the Institute.  If you are interested in simply reserving a conference room for a meeting visit Reserve a Room.

Purpose of Facility:

Silverman Hall exists to meet the needs of the Chemistry of Life Processes Institute and further its teaching, research, and outreach mission.

  1. The Chemistry of Life Processes Institute encourages the use of Silverman Hall by other units to conduct public activities or meetings, when it is not being used by CLP students or staff.  Activities are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, and CLP activities shall always have first priority.
  2. Request for use of Silverman Hall facilities shall be made to clp-info [at] northwestern [dot] edu (CLP) (467-2303) in the CLP Reception Office (Silverman 3-601) one week prior to the activity.  Facility use is contingent upon acceptance of all terms in the Use Agreement.pdf" target="_blank">Silverman Hall Space Use Agreement Form.  By signing this Agreement, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood these policies.
  3. If the event is to be cancelled, the applicant should notify CLP at least 48 hours in advance of the activity. Violation by a use agreement holder of any of the rules governing the use of Silverman Hall and grounds may be cause for the cancellation and denial of future requests.

General Rules:

Furniture, Set Up and Clean Up


  1. You are responsible for contacting facilities management for event set up and clean up. Any extensive cleaning or repairs following the event will be charged back to the department chart string provided at the end of this document. Custodial Services may be requested by contacting facilities-management [at] northwestern [dot] edu (Facilities Management) (847-491-5201).
  2. Special permission must be obtained from CLP for decorating, installing equipment, moving furniture, etc.  Such decoration or equipment must be removed from the premises after the activity.  If there is a delay, the removal may be made by CLP at the expense of the use agreement holder.
    1. Once you have approval by CLP, you are responsible for contacting Facilities Management and scheduling a time for the furniture move. Facilities Management personnel are the only people approved to move Silverman Hall furniture. Copy clp-info [at] northwestern [dot] edu on all correspondence.
    2. Fees that may be assessed:
      1. Facilities Management may charge for set-up for special room configuration or furnishing requirements; arrangements for serving of food and/or beverages or post-serving clean-up; special electrical, staging or transportation requirements; and safety/security requirements.



  1. Large events (over 25 people) with alcohol may only be held after 5 p.m.
  2. All catering contact information and confirmations of orders must be supplied once catering is confirmed. It is the policy of Northwestern University that all outside organizations sponsoring events on University premises must provide proof of general liability insurance.
  3. It is against CLP policy and Illinois State law to serve alcohol to any person under the age of 21. All alcohol must be served and poured by a licensed liquor server. Proof of license is required by the date indicated at time of confirmation, in addition to liability insurance. Please see Risk Management’s website for more information:
  4. You are responsible for contracting and communicating with the caterer.  If doing a walk through with the caterer, a CLP administrator must be present.
  5. CLP is not responsible for accepting any deliveries from the caterer.
  6. Food is not allowed in the conference rooms.


  1. Upon reservation of space, all event coordinators must supply a department chart string. Reservations will not be confirmed until a chart string is received. This billing reference will remain on file with the event, In case of damages, missing and/or damaged equipment/furniture or extensive cleaning is required.
  2. If damages are found or furniture is missing, the last group to reserve the space will be charged. If damage exists in the space or furniture is missing prior to the event start time, CLP must be notified immediately. CLP post-event inspections of the meeting space will document any found damage costs and the chart string on file will be charged.


  1. Silverman Hall is a smoke-free facility. The client is responsible for informing guests of the no smoking policy. Failure of the client, or its guests, to enforce the no-smoking policy may result in a fee or loss of reservation damage.

Finalizing Confirmation

  1. The event coordinator is responsible for reviewing the reservation, editing and submitting any incorrect information to CLP. CLP does not take any responsibility for changes and edits not submitted at least 5 days prior to the event start date.


  1. All cancellations must be made in writing 48 hours before the event start date.

Contact Information

Chemistry of Life Processes Institute
Silverman Hall 3-601
Ph: 847-467-2303
clp-info [at] northwestern [dot] edu

facilities-management [at] northwestern [dot] edu (Facilities Management)
Ph: 847-491-5201

Space Use Agreement.pdf1.12 MB