Support the Institute

The Chemistry of Life Processes Institute seeks support for its mission of fostering new multi-disciplinary investigations into disease and training the next generation of multi-disciplinary researchers.

You can make a donation today at Northwestern's We Will Campaign website

Philanthropic gifts support:

  • Drug discovery and development platforms that drive innovation and translation
  • In vivo and molecular imaging capabilities that enable new diagnostics and therapeutics
  • Personalized Human Tumor Program for planning chemotherapeutic approaches based on individual tumor characteristics and genomics
  • The Human Proteome Project to discover the molecular footprint of proteins in health and disease and develop new personalized targets for therapeutic   intervention
  • Shared technology platforms that accelerate cutting edge research
  • Education and training across disciplinary boundaries

If you would like further information about how you can support the Institute, please contact Sheila Judge and/or Kelly Colpoys.

Sheila M. Judge, PhD
Senior Director for Research, Education and Administration
Chemistry of Life Processes Institute
Northwestern University
Ph: 847-491-5868
s-judge [at] northwestern [dot] edu

Michael Kelley
Director of Development, University Research Centers 
University Development and Alumni Relations
Northwestern University
Ph: 847-491-7435
mhkelley [at] northwestern [dot] edu