Key Forms

** As of June 27th, 2016 INDALA-encoded Wildcards are required to access Silverman Hall and forms must be submitted via email. ** 

Those requesting access to Silverman Hall must fill out the required form(s) completely and submit the form(s) via e-mail with a photo of the front and back of your Wildcard to clp-info [at] northwestern [dot] edu (subject: Key%20Access%20for%20Silverman%20Hall)   Access to a faculty laboratory require the faculty member’s signature. Access to a core facility requires the core manager’s signature.  Access takes at least 1 business day to be processed.


Authorization Form for Wildcard Access to Silverman Hall - Those requesting Wildcard access to Silverman Hall must fill out the form completely and email the form and a photo of the front and back of their INDALA-encoded Wildcard* to clp-info [at] northwestern [dot] eduPlease note: Access can take up 2 business days to be granted.  

CAMI Access Request Form- Those requesting access to the Center for Advanced Molecular Imaging (CAMI) in Silverman Hall must fill out the form completely and have it approved by chad [dot] haney [at] northwestern [dot] edu (Chad Haney)EAlexWaters [at] northwestern [dot] edu (Alex Waters) or k-macrenaris [at] northwestern [dot] edu (Keith MacRenaris).

Fill out the CAMI Access Request Form only if you need access to instruments in the following rooms: 1539 SPID, 1560 Biophotonics, 1561 Cell Culture, 1567 Microscopy, 1571 Bioluminescence, 1566 9.4T MRI, 1570 7.0T MRI and 1568 MRI Electronics room.  

Northwestern University Key Authorization Form: Use this form for all Medeco key (hard key) requests for offices and rooms B550 & B560.



How do I know if I have an Indala Wildcard or not?

If you look on the back of the card and you see a series of numbers and letters printed above the magnetic strip, you have an Indala Wildcard. If no such printing exists, you do not have an Indala Wildcard. 
You can obtain an INDALA-encoded Wildcard from the Wildcard Office in either Norris University Center or Abbott Hall.

Where can I find my Indala Card Number?
If you have an Indala Wildcard (see question above), the Indala Card Number is simply the number that appears first above the magnetic strip on the back of the card.

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