Reserve a Room

The Chemistry of Life Processes Institute manages the reservations for conference rooms in Silverman Hall. The rooms are available for staff and faculty within the Institute to conduct meetings and hold special events.

8737-15_8206.jpgConference Room Arrangement and Equipment

  • Rooms are located on each floor in the east wing of Silverman Hall.
  • Each seat 22 people. 
  • Please bring your own VGA adaptor, laser pointer, laptop and dry erase markers.
  • 2-510 has priority booking for the Office of Research.  If you choose to book this space you can you asked to give up your reservation with only a few minutes notice. This room is video conference capable.  We recommend BlueJeans Network.
  • 3-510 is video conference capable.  We recommend BlueJeans Network.
  • Rooms  2-510, 3-510 and 4-510 are equipped with an overhead projector, screens, blackout shades, a whiteboard and Polycom speaker phone. 
  • 1-510 requires a table top projector which can be borrowed from suite 3601. 

Conference Room Phone Numbers:

  • 1-510: 847-467-2758
  • 2-510: 847-467-2778
  • 3-510: 847-467-2788
  • 4-510: 847-467-2798


  • Conference rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors are available for weekly group meetings.
  • Reservations are scheduled on first-come, first-served bases with priority given to CLP faculty, centers, cores and students. To book a room use Northwestern's Outlook Exchange room reservation system or email clp-info [at] northwestern [dot] edu with the following information:
    • Your name and email address
    • Purpose of event
    • Date and time of the event
    • First and second choice conference room
    • All standing reservations for university units not directly affliliated with CLP (weekly lab meetings, for example) end on the last day of each quarter. Requests must be resubmitted for the following quarter.


  • Users of the conference rooms are responsible for ensuring that the rooms are clean when they leave. This includes:
    • No food or drink in the conference rooms.
    • Placing all trash (handouts, etc.) in the waste cans.
    • Erasing the whiteboards.
    • All furniture should be arranged to its initial configuration after the meeting.
    • Turn the lights off.
    • The remote control for the projector is located on the conference room table. You only need to press the on/off button. Please come to suite 3601 if you encounter technical difficulties with the equipment.
  • The Conference Rooms may not be used or reserved for teaching purposes (e.g. these are not classroom spaces).

Maintenance & Clean-Up

  • The person who reserves use of the conference room will not only be the individual of contact but also the person who will be responsible for cleaning up after the meeting.
  • Your group is solely responsible for complete clean up of the Conference Rooms—failure to do so will result in possible suspension of reservation privileges.