Evan A. Scott, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

Professor Scott develops and applies immunoengineering tools to enhance our understanding of the biochemical and biophysical mechanisms behind vaccination. Using techniques from the areas of block copolymer self-assembly, tissue engineering, intelligent targeted nanoparticle delivery, and quantitative proteomics, his group focuses on antigen presenting cells (APCs), which are a cellular link between innate and adaptive immunity. He engineers materials and optimizes methods to examine or modulate key stages of APC activation and function including antigen scavenging, maturation and migration, and intercellular signaling.  APCs have evolved to accumulate and process nanoscale pathogens such as viruses, and the Scott lab exploits this ability by developing a modular library of synthetic virus-mimicking nanostructures that can be delivered in different synergistic combinations to elicit specific immunological responses. Research in the Scott lab has broad and clinically relevant applications in the fields of cancer, vaccination, atherosclerosis, material/biological interfaces, and immunobiology.

Contact Information:

Office: Silverman 4613
Phone: 847-467-6719
Email: evan [dot] scott [at] northwestern [dot] edu