Ming Zhao, PhD

Associate Professor in Medicine-Cardiology, Feinberg School of Medicine

The phospholipid bilayer of mammalian plasma membrane is more than just a physical barrier between intra- and extracellular spaces. Different phospholipid species are distributed asymmetrically across the membrane bilayer in a regulated fashion. The dynamics of membrane phospholipid distribution is involved a growing list of physiological and pathological phenomena. Current research in our lab is focused on investigating how membrane phospholipid dynamics is engaged with cellular signaling mechanisms, and how it contributes to tissue functions and diseases on a system level. Our long-term goal is two-fold: 1) to understand the fundamentals in phospholipid membrane biology; 2) to develop diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to treating human diseases.

Contact Information:

Office: Tarry 14-753
Phone: 312-503-3226
Email: m-zhao [at] northwestern [dot] edu