Monica Olvera de la Cruz, PhD

Lawyer Taylor Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, Professor of Chemical & Biological Engineering, McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science; Professor of Chemistry, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences; Director of Materials Research Center

Dr. Olvera de la Cruz's expertise is self-assembly of complex molecules and multicomponent systems. She has developed theoretical models to determine the thermodynamics, statistics and dynamics of macromolecules in complex environments including multicomponent solutions of heterogeneous synthetic and biological molecules. She has extensively analyzed molecular electrolytes, polymers, gels and membranes. Her group currently studies liquid interfaces, adsorption, nano-pattern formation and self-assembly in multicomponent systems with complex molecules including biological polyelectrolytes and gels.


Contact Information:

Office: Silverman Hall 4621
Phone: 847-491-7801
Fax: 847-491-7820
Email: m-olvera [at] northwestern [dot] edu

Research Coordinator:

Rebecca McMurray
Office: Silverman Hall 4617
Phone: 847-491-7817
Email: rebecca [dot] mcmurray [at] northwestern [dot] edu