Publication1.jpgStefan Kathman, CLP Trainee from 2013-2014

The Chemistry:Biology Interface Program of the National Institute for General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) has funded a landmark institutional training program (T32), the Chemistry of Life Processes Predoctoral Training Program, under the auspices of the Chemistry of Life Processes Institute.   This training program integrates biology and chemistry through a common set of course requirements, a hands-on team based approach to laboratory training, a unique preceptor arrangement, and a strong communal training environment.  The program is built upon Northwestern’s renowned faculty expertise in biologically-integrated chemistry and the experience of the Chemistry of Life Processes Institute in fostering transdisciplinary research and education.  Five graduate departments and graduate programs within three schools have joined together, under the leadership of the Chemistry of Life Processes Institute, to participate in the research training activities of the CLP program.

The mission of the proposed CLP Predoctoral Training Program is to educate the next generation of transdisciplinary scientists that will be capable of extending and integrating the perspectives and approaches of the life sciences and chemistry to complex scientific problems in the field of biomedical research.  

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