The Chemistry of Life Processes Institute provides an ecosystem that fosters convergence of basic and translational research and training across scientific disciplines. The Institute’s cutting-edge core facilities, pilot project program supporting early stage, high-risk high-reward team science, and administrative support for team science program development and grant applications, accelerate the pace of discovery and lower the barriers to collaboration.

Centers of Excellence

The Institute’s vision for 21st century science emerges from complementary strengths in drug discovery and development, preclinical imaging, proteomics, cell free synthesis, physiochemical analysis, and nanoscale imaging. The next waves of technology for early detection and treatment of a broad array of diseases will arise from this multi-pronged attack.

Core Facilities: Instruments & Services

The Institute manages seven shared research facilities located in Silverman Hall and plus two others located nearby. The CLP cores represent a $25M investment in high‐end instrumentation and expertise, and provide 50 new services that enable investigators to identify, design and refine potential new therapeutics and diagnostics and to visualize their activity in living cells and tissues. The cores’ PhD level personnel work with investigators across Northwestern and the region.

Cornew Innovation Fund

The Cornew Innovation Fund annually awards pilot project funding ($35,000 – $50,000) to 2-3 interdisciplinary teams to support new high-risk, high-reward biomedical research projects. This funding has opened up critical areas of transdisciplinary research, resulting in discoveries that impact human health and disease such as the development of a new class of therapeutics for treating Alzheimer’s disease, new surgical glues, and surprising new insights into the earliest stages of fertilization and embryonic development.