HHMI Awards CLP Trainee
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Town Hall 9/28
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Neuromodulators & Lasers 
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New Drugs From Mold
Technology unlocks mold genomes for new drugs Read

The Chemistry of Life Processes Institute (CLP)

Chemistry of Life Processes (CLP) Institute researchers use the technologies of tomorrow to discover the diagnostic methods and therapies needed to save lives today. Chemists, engineers, and physicists team with life scientists and clinicians to change how we diagnose and treat cancer, cardiovascular and kidney disease, infectious diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and trauma. Their efforts are built on extraordinary tools for discovery, analysis, and visualization developed and housed within a unique ecosystem designed to support the integration of expertise and methods across many scientific disciplines.  This transdisciplinary convergence of knowledge is creating new fields of research that will have a long-lasting impact on human health and disease.