The Chemistry of Life Processes Institute (CLP) announces that second year neuroscience major Casey Grage has been awarded the CLP Chicago Area Undergraduate Research Symposium (CAURS) Grant in support of her interdisciplinary research on the function of protein synthesis in the formation and maintenance of dendritic spines in neurons.  This competitive research grant enables a select undergraduate or team of undergraduates to conduct in-depth laboratory research under the close supervision of an Institute faculty member and experienced lab personnel.

Grage is working under the direction of Professor Yvengenia Kozorovitskiy (neurobiology).

In addition to her research interests, Grage is involved in multiple student organizations including GlobeMed, UNICEF, NU Community for Human Rights, Peer Advisors, and NU Community Health Corps. Following completion of her undergraduate studies, she would like to pursue a PhD in neuroscience with an emphasis on artificial intelligence.

The CLP CAURS grant was established by CLP Executive Advisory Board member Dr. Chandler Robinson (WCAS06) to create a cadre of enthusiastic, well-trained undergraduates who will be entrepreneurial in their approach to scientific research.

Students working with CLP faculty engage in a transdisciplinary approach to scientific research that employs a wide variety of tools, methodology and ideas that traditionally have been segregated within disciplinary silos.

Additional information regarding undergraduate research programs sponsored by CLP is available at .