VIDEO: Cross-training tomorrow’s scientists

“CLP is the mothership for bringing the chemist and the biologist and engineers together.” – Rick Silverman, Patrick G. Ryan/Aon Professor, inventor of the blockbuster drug Lyrica®

Solving the most pressing problems in human health requires an integrated scientific approach and range of expertise from chemistry and biology to engineering and mathematics. The Chemistry of Life Processes Institute prepares undergraduate and graduate students to meet this daunting challenge through several world-class training programs and fellowships. The Institute’s NIH-funded Graduate Training Program (highlighted in the above video) pairs PhD candidates with two or more mentors from different disciplines like renowned chemist Rick Silverman, CLP training program director, and proteomics expert Neil Kelleher, associate director, and a host of other prominent faculty members who serve as preceptors.

CLP’s training program equips students with advanced tools for drug discovery and translation and connects them with leading academics, entrepreneurs and members of industry. From their second year to graduation, trainees develop the collaborative mind-set, broad technical skills and confidence necessary to become tomorrow’s biomedical pioneers.