Engaging Entrepreneurs Series

The Road from Innovation to Translation

Nancy A. Tyrrell
Associate Director, Translational Activities
Chicago Biomedical Consortium

Monday, December 17




Prior to her role as Associate Director of Translational Activities at the Chicago Biomedical Consortium, Nancy served as a Principal of Flavin Ventures, LLC and Vice President of Business Development at Shamrock Structures, a protein crystallography research company that was founded by Flavin Ventures in 2003. Nancy has over 20 years of experience in business development in the entrepreneurial life sciences start-up arena and has worked as part of the founding team with several of the Flavin Ventures’ portfolio companies, including MediChem Life Sciences, Advanced Life Sciences and Shamrock Structures, to develop successful partnerships and collaborations with top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the world.

This is a required activity for 2nd & 3rd year CLP Trainees. Supported by the Chemistry of Life Processes Predoctoral Training Program NIH/ NIGMS 5T32GM105538-06.