T32 Alumni Spotlight
One Person’s Guide to Scoring a Job

Tim Toby, PhD

Senior Development Scientist, Cour Pharmaceutical

Thursday, Feb. 28 | 12:00 pm
CAMI Conference Room, Silverman Hall #1531
Please RSVP as lunch will be served

Thursday’s lunch meeting will be an informal gathering to learn how Tim navigated his job search leading up to and securing his job at Cour Pharmaceutical.

Questions he will address are:
1. What steps did you take to network in getting this job?
2. What skill sets are necessary to be successful at Cour?
3. What are you doing at your current job that was similar to grad school?
4. What are some things you know now that you wished you knew then?

Tim graduated from Northwestern in December 2017 with a PhD in Molecular Biosciences (Kelleher and Licht labs).

As a senior development scientist at Cour Pharmaceutical Development Co., Tim is helping lead several efforts in R&D and manufacturing to bring first-in-class immune-modulating nanoparticle therapeutics to the market to address myriad unmet medical needs.