Working across disciplines, several Chemistry of Life Processes Institute faculty members are accelerating the time it takes to bring new cancer therapies and diagnostic tools from the lab into clinics. In honor of World Cancer Day, here are just a few examples of our progress:

CLP Spinout Rounds Third Base with New Treatment for Metastatic Cancers and Fibrosis

CLP startup Actuate Therapeutics has developed an exciting new treatment, currently in clinic trials, for advanced and drug-resistant cancers, including glioblastoma, melanoma, pancreatic, appendix, breast and ovarian, and select inflammatory diseases.  

Northwestern’s Chemistry of Life Processes Institute Hatches IPO of the Decade

Among other cancer therapies, CLP spinout Monopar Therapeutics is developing new & powerful therapies currently in clinical trials for oropharyngeal cancer, pancreatic, ovarian, and metastatic breast cancer.    

‘Trojan horse’ anticancer drug disguises itself as fat

CLP member Nathan Gianneschi and first author Cassandra Callmann have developed a new way to deliver chemo into cancer cells with much fewer side effects and astonishing results.    

Where Cancer Lurks

In the face of great doubt, CLP member Vadim Backman and collaborators developed partial wave spectroscopy (PWS) nanocytology, a new diagnostic technology that not only views cells at these elusive length scales but also uncovers shrouded cancer malignancies in their earliest stages.     #WorldCancerDay