TITLE:   CLP Graduate Training Program Q&A

WHEN:  Wednesday, June 24th, 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM

WHERE:  Zoom Online Meeting

The recording is available here:  Panopto Video Recording

A FAQ document has also been created and is available here:  Link

Planning to apply to CLP’s graduate training program by July 24?
Join us for a  brief Q&A session on the application process Via Zoom.

Many of you are preparing applications for the NIH-funded Biotechnology Training Program, Chemistry of Life Processes Training Program, and/or Molecular Biophysics Training Program and a few have raised questions regarding the impact of the recent campus closures on deadline for application.  The deadline for application to these NIH training programs has been pushed back to July 24th.   You should note that:

The leaders of the Evanston NIH Training Programs (BTP, CLP, and MBTP) recognize that COVID-19-related delays to research may have impacted the development and conduct of research for nearly everyone, including applicants to our training programs.  Applicants are encouraged to articulate their “big picture” vision for their thesis research project and goals.  Reviewers will be advised to evaluate all applications holistically and without regard for preliminary data or lack thereof.

Please reach out to the faculty directors and program coordinators with questions specific to an individual training program.

On behalf of the training program directors and staff I would like to extend our best wishes for your health, well-being and safety.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to any one of us if you are in need of support or assistance.  The training programs help to create a community of care for our trainees and this concern extends to all NU grad students, whether or not you’re affiliated with one of the programs.