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Faculty affiliation with the Chemistry of Life Processes Institute is based on mutual interest in highly collaborative, multi-disciplinary, entrepreneurial research. Institute affiliation is non-binding, but Institute members are expected to play an active role in Institute programs and activities.

There are two classifications of faculty membership in the Institute which are distinguished by residence or non-residence in Silverman and the process for granting membership differ between the two.  Resident faculty are allocated space for their research group, as distinct from a core or center, in Silverman Hall.  Affiliated faculty are non-resident members of the Institute.  In both instances, a process has been implemented to ensure that faculty are committed to and contribute to collaborative, transdisciplinary research and education.

Resident Faculty Membership

  • Deans/department chairs may propose new resident CLP faculty in alignment with the building program for space allocation and the CLP mission.
  • Candidates must be interviewed by the CLP Director and preferably, by 1-2 members of the Faculty Executive Committee.
  • Proposals for residency status are submitted by the department chair/dean and must include (i) a letter of support from the dean/chair addressing the proposed faculty members’ alignment with the CLP mission, (ii) a statement from the candidate that shows alignment of their research interests with CLP mission, and (iii) a copy of their current vita.  This package is distributed to members of CLP Faculty Executive Committee who then discuss and vote on the request. The Faculty Executive Committee is composed of the leadership of affiliated CLP centers and core facilities and the director of the CLP Training Program.

Affiliate Faculty Membership

  • Candidates for affiliate membership are required to submit a formal request to the Institute director stating their interest in joining CLP, reviewing their interdisciplinary research interests, current CLP collaborations and long-term collaborative interests, their willingness to participate in CLP faculty responsibilities, and a copy of their current vita.
  • Once these materials have been reviewed, the candidate is invited to an interview with the director at Silverman Hall.
  • The decision to accept the request for affiliate membership is made by the CLP Faculty Director.

For more information, please contact:

Thomas V. O’Halloran
Founding Director, Chemistry of Life Processes Institute

Tom’s Program assistant:

Sheila Judge
Senior Director, Administration, Research and Education, Chemistry of Life Processes Institute