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CLP Summer Scholars Program

Unfortunately, we are suspending CLP’s Summer Scholars Program for Summer 2020. The purpose of this funding is to provide hands-on laboratory experience, which will not be possible under current NU restrictions on summer undergraduate research.

In line with Northwestern’s April 23 announcement moving all in-person summer programs and activities beginning before July 13, 2020, to a remote format, summer research must also be conducted remotely. Students who receive summer research grants must conduct their research remotely. Students who have received these grants should contact the department or unit that awarded the grant with any questions.

For more information on Northwestern’s policies, please visit:

A Northwestern undergraduate summer research program

Program dates: June 22, 2020 – August 14, 2020

Application due April 15, 2020 by 5:00PM.  Download the Application here.


21st century research is by nature interdisciplinary. Researchers work in collaboration and/or use methods developed by chemists, biologists, engineers, physicists, mathematicians and clinicians to address the most interesting questions about human health and disease. The most innovative approaches to problem solving stem from these interdisciplinary collaborations.

The CLP Summer Scholars Research Program offers up to four competitive $4,000 research awards to Northwestern undergraduates who have demonstrated, through course work and activities, that they are interested in pursuing interdisciplinary research in the sciences. Scholars are named by mid-May.

The Summer Scholars program provides students the opportunity to pursue an interdisciplinary research project in collaboration with Northwestern University CLP-affiliated faculty with appointments in over 23 departments.

For all questions, please contact penelope.johnson@northwestern.edu


Applicants must be Northwestern undergraduates. Research must be conducted with a CLP faculty member. Previous lab experience is suggested. Applicants will be selected based upon their academic achievements and scientific interests.  We typically fund three students each year.


  • Complete the application form. Click here to download the form.
  • Submit a one-page, single-sided proposal describing the research you would conduct if you were selected for this program. Include a title of your project centered at top of the page. Use a standard 11 point font. A second page is allowed for figures and/or references.
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from a CLP faculty member.


Those in a lab: Contact your PI at least three weeks in advance of the application due date and ask for her/his assistance with developing a proposal, and ask for a letter of recommendation.

Those who are looking to join a lab: Once you have an idea of whose lab you would like to join, reach out to the faculty member to set up a meeting. Plan on doing this at least four weeks before the application due date.  Additionally, Northwestern’s Office for Undergraduate Research has a great website with resources on how to find a lab, develop a project, and work with faculty. http://undergradresearch.northwestern.edu/develop-project

Projects can include use of the following facilities:


The summer culminates in a research forum for the Summer Scholars and Lambert Fellows with an audience of CLP faculty and their research groups. Each student gives a 15-minute presentation with slides at the completion of the project.

Click here for more information on our workshops and activities.


The award for our students is $4,000 that breaks down into $3,500 for summer costs and $500 for research expenses, such as laboratory supplies. Unused funds must be returned to the institute.


Summer scholars are expected to spend 100% of their summer break working with a CLP faculty member in a multi-disciplinary science research lab for 8-weeks during the summer quarter.

Students must agree not to take on any other paid work or research grants for any part of the eight-week period, and must not be enrolled in courses for any part of that period.

The students are required to:

  • Give a 15-minute presentation with slides at the completion of the project at the undergraduate research forum in mid-August.
  • Present a research poster or give an oral presentation at the Chicago Area Undergraduate Research Symposium in April 2021.

The students are highly encouraged to actively participate in:

  • CLP Lunch & Learns
  • CLP-sponsored workshops
  • Institute-sponsored symposia