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“We have this interesting phrase about how to pursue complex, big, high-value science; we say we hunt in packs. That is to say that we team up, barriers are low, and professors join forces to go take on bigger problems with direct societal benefit.”

Neil Kelleher, Faculty Director, Northwestern Proteomics, Walter and Mary E. Glass Professor of Molecular Biosciences

Tackling big questions requires a dynamic ecosystem where multiple perspectives can flourish. Chemistry of Life Processes Institute provides the tools, resources and expertise needed to support and accelerate ambitious research programs.

Chemistry of Life Processes Institute strengthens collaborative research across Northwestern by partnering with departments, schools and programs to stimulate interdisciplinary research across the interfaces of life sciences, engineering and physical sciences.  In the past decade alone,The Institute has helped advance 75 new therapies, diagnostics and medical devices through the development pipeline and accelerated interdisciplinary team science research programs in cancer, eye disease, heart disease, fertility, and drug development. 

Since 2010, team science activities among our members, as measured by joint publications, shared grant awards and grant applications, and shared students, have increased 7-fold among tenture-track faculty.

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