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In the last 10 years we have: 

Made revolutionary discoveries, based on the convergence of chemistry, physics, engineering and life sciences, for detection and treatment of cancer, infertility, common and rare neurodegenerative diseases, and imaging and manipulation of cell behavior.

Invested in new translational capabilities that are advancing 6 potential new drugs to clinical testing and 6 through preclinical development.

Incubated 23 new companies that have received more than $1.5B in external investment and are bringing CLP innovations to society.

Acquired more than 50 new instruments and created new services to accelerate transdisciplinary research.

Developed new 21st century curricula and activities to support development of next gen scientists working across disciplinary boundaries to address the big questions in biomedical research.

Raised more than $50M in new external funding to support these efforts.

Imagine what is possible in the next 10 years with additional funding and resources. 

Visualizing the Unseen

CLP researchers developed a
revolutionary technology that enables
researchers to study critical molecules,
such as DNA, at nanoscale resolution,
in their native state.

Basic Science Discoveries Translated into Healthcare

CLP faculty spinout Durametrix accelerates drug discovery

CLP faculty spinout Durametrix accelerates drug discovery

A major dilemma faced by many people undergoing chemotherapy for cancer is whether the drugs will cause more harm than good. “Chemotherapeutic drugs can have serious side effects. Some of the adverse events in chemotherapy, such as heart failure, can even take as long...

Meet Luis Schachner

Luis Schachner, a CLP Predoctoral Trainee and
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Fellow,
spearheaded the development of new technology that
measures protein and their complexes with high fidelity
for metal binding and their chemical modifications.