Year Faculty Title
2009 Thomas J. Meade, PhD, Chemistry The Design and Synthesis of Prodrug-Procontrast Theragnostic
2009 Richard B. Silverman, PhD, Chemistry New Therapeutics for the Treatment of Parkinson’s
2009 Vadim Backman, PhD, Biomedical Engineering Lung Cancer Screening via Analysis of Nanoarchitecture of Buccal Mucosa
2010 Thomas V. O’Halloran, PhD, Chemistry; Teresa K. Woodruff, PhD, Obstetrics-Gynecology Cadmium Interference with Signaling Pathways in the Mammalian Oocyte
2010 Phillip B. Messersmith, PhD, Biomedical Engineering Molecular Basis of Self-Healing in Tissues Containing Histidine-Rich Proteins
2010 Vadim Backman, PhD, Biomedical Engineering; Luisa Marcelino, PhD, Civil Engineering Use of Novel Optics Technology to Establish Susceptibility, Resistance and Recovery Indicators of Stony Corals to Bleaching
2012 Eric L. Weiss, PhD, Molecular Biosciences Genome-Scale Identification of Protein Kinase Docking Interactions
2012 Guillermo Ameer, PhD, Biomedical Engineering; Jason Wertheim, MD, PhD Surgery Conferring Thromboresistance to Decellularized Vascular Grafts
2013 Erik Andersen, PhD, Molecular Biosciences; Thomas V. O’Halloran, PhD, Chemistry Using Perturbations of Heavy Metal Homeostasis to Treat Nematode-Borne Neglected Tropical Diseases
2014 T. David Harris, PhD, Chemistry: Andrew C. Larson, PhD Radiology Iron-Based Molecular MRI Thermometers for Monitoring Tumor Ablation Therapy
2014 Karl A. Scheidt, PhD, Chemistry; Herbert Y. Meltzer, MD, Psychiatry Development of Alstonine-Based Treatments for Schizophrenia
2015 Neda Bagheri, PhD, Biomedical Engineering; Joshua Leonard, PhD, Chemical Engineering Identifying Network-Level Signatures of Tumor-Induced Macrophage Functional Heterogeneity
2015 Teri Odom, PhD, Chemistry, Igal Szleifer, PhD, Biomedical Engineering Understanding Targeting and Binding of Therapeutic Nanoparticles to Plasma Membranes
2015 Alexander Statsyuk, PhD, Chemistry Targeting the Ubiquitin System: Nedd4-1 Ubiquitin Ligase as a Promising Drug Target
2016 Yevgenia Kozovoristkiy, PhD, Neurobiology: Thomas Meade, PhD, Chemistry Photochemical interrogation of synaptogenesis
2016 Karl Scheidt, PhD, Chemistry: Geoff Swanson, PhD, Pharmacology Exploiting nature’s pharmacopeia: mellpaladines as new serotonin antagonists
2017 Julius Lucks, PhD, Chemical and Biological Engineering: Yuan He, PhD, Molecular Biosciences Towards Elucidating RNA Cotranscriptional Folding Pathways from RNA Polymerase II
2017 Evan Scott, PhD, Biomedical Engineering; Thomas Meade, PhD, Chemistry; Vinayak Dravid, PhD, Material Sciences and Engineering Immunotheranostic Nanostructures for the Early Detection and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease
2018 T. David Harris, PhD, Chemistry; Irawati Kandela, PhD, Pharmacology Cobalt-Based Molecular MRI Probes for Imaging the Extracellular pH of Tumors
2018 Hao F. Zhang, PhD, Biomedical Engineering; Thomas V. O’Halloran, PhD, Chemistry; John B. Troy, PhD, Biomedical Engineering Optical Ultrastructural Investigation of Neuroprotection from Zinc in Experimental Glaucoma
2019 Nathan Gianneschi, PhD, Chemistry; Hao F. Zhang, PhD, Biomedical Engineering Enzyme-Directed assembly of particle immunotherapeutics (EDAPI) – A strategy for engineering tumor microenvironments for cancer therapy
2019 Neha Kamat, PhD, Biomedical Engineering; Julius Lucks, PhD, Chemical and Biological Engineering Programming vesicles to detect and record environmental signals in biological fluids
2019 Keith Tyo, PhD, Chemical and Biological Engineering Engineering; Thomas Meade, PhD, Chemistry Protein circuit-based diagnostics with improved sensitivity and quantitative power
Commercial Activity
NanoCytomics, LLC
NSF SBIR Phase I: Partial Wave Spectroscopic (PWS) Microscopy: An Early Screening for Lung Cancer $150K