The Institute’s centers of research excellence are the leading edge of Institute’s mission to deploy collaborative approaches to address the most pressing health issues, develop a deeper understanding of the fundamental causes of disease, and to design new diagnostics for early intervention. The Centers accelerate innovation in the areas of:

  • Advanced molecular imaging
  • Drug discovery and innovation
  • The inorganic signatures of life
  • Proteins in health and disease
  • Physical and chemical approaches to cancer
  • Translating discoveries from the lab bench into society

New centers are evolving in areas of strategic interest to the Institute; built on strengths in team science, access to cutting edge technologies, and the commitment of its faculty and students to transcend disciplinary boundaries to open productive fields of research and unleash the next wave of innovation.

Center for Developmental Therapeutics

Project management and consulting services for therapeutic translational projects. The Center works in collaboration with the Innovations and New Ventures Office to facilitate commercialization of therapeutic technologies.

Center for Molecular Innovation & Drug Discovery

Provides a collaborative research platform and educational opportunities that integrate biologists and chemists to enhance interdisciplinary drug discovery research.

Chicago Region Physical Sciences Oncology Center

Multi-investigator team science intiative organized around the conceptual framework that addresses the spatio-temporal organization of chromation and the information transfer in cancer.

Northwestern Proteomics

Develops and applies tools to analyze proteins using mass spectrometry. The Center focuses on the continuous innovation of technology to meet growing demands for analysis of proteins, specializing in intact protein analysis; while handling multiple projects large and small.