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On average, it can take approximately 10 to 15 years to develop a new medicine from discovery until the time it is available to patients.  For the millions of people around the world suffering with disease, that’s not fast enough.  The pioneering biomedical research supported and advanced by the Chemistry of Life Processes Institute offers hope for faster development and delivery of new treatments. Each day our transdisciplinary teams of scientists, engineers and physicians work together using CLP’s shared resources, cutting-edge facilities and translational expertise to discover new therapeutics and diagnostics that improve human health and bring them to the bedside. We are also educating the next generation of scientists to think and act across disciplines to address the “big questions” underlying human health and disease. Together, we are working on discoveries and creative solutions that will improve lives, communities and the world.

A Foundation for the Future

Consistent funding is needed to help CLP researchers move their discoveries from the laboratory into society.  Your investment in CLP will help catalyze the next wave of transdisciplinary team science, provide cutting-edge tools and instrumentation and expand training of future scientists.

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