Autoclave And Glass Washer Scheduler

To more efficiently use the Autoclave and Glass Washer rooms, especially since many labs will be working in shifts, this reservation system was created.  It will go through several revisions but you will be able to view the usage of the resources in Silverman B705 and Silverman 4541.

To use the tool, you may click on a specific day  in the calenar and find the times that have been reserved for a particular machine listed in the right sidebar.  There are also several other view settings that you can test.  The first calendar shows all reservations for all 6 instruments (4 autoclaves, 2 glass washers) and all the other calendars show each instrument. 

To reserve time, click on the reservation button and complete the form.  The appointment will be added to the calendar within a minute and a calendar invite confirmation will be emailed to you.  If the calendars do not update immediately then please refresh the page.

Please try not to double book usage; preventing double booking is on my next list of upgrades.

Additional Guides and Instructions Will Be Added Soon

Basement and 4th Floor Reservations

Autoclave #1, Silverman 4th Floor

Autoclave #2, Silverman 4th Floor

Glass Washer, Silverman 4th Floor

Autoclave #1, Silverman Basement

Autoclave #2, Silverman Basement

Glass Washer, Silverman Basement