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Below are some of the most common forms used at CLP.  Additional questions should be directed to the Frequently Asked Questions section or to clp-info@northwestern.edu

Emergency Information

Emergency 911

University Police 1-3456

Facilities Management (7:00am – 7:00pm) 1-5201

Facilities After-Hours 1-3456

Office of Research Safety: 491-5581

Silverman Hall Address: 2170 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208-2850

Find Emergency Procedurces Here.

Autoclave and Glass Washer Scheduling

To find information about reserving the Silverman Hall Basement or 4th Floor Autoclaves  or Glass Washers then please go to this page:  https://www.clp.northwestern.edu/scheduling/ 

The page contains calendars that show when the resources have been reserved and allows you to complete a reservation form  to block out time for yourself.  This is a work in progress so if you have problems then contact Erin Wills, erin.wills@northwestern.edu.

Silverman Hall WildCard Access

Silverman Hall Access Form – Those requesting Wildcard access to Silverman Hall must fill out the form completely and email the form and a photo of the front and back of their INDALA-encoded Wildcard* to clp-info@northwestern.edu. Please note: Access can take up 2 business days to be granted. Download Form.

CAMI Access Request Form – Those requesting access to the Center for Advanced Molecular Imaging (CAMI) in Silverman Hall must fill out the form completely and have it approved by Chad Haney or Alex Waters. Download Form.

Silverman Hall Key Requests

Use this form for all Medeco key (hard key) requests for offices and rooms B550 & B560. Download Form.

Silverman Hall Conference Room Requests

Reserve a Silverman Hall conference room using Outlook Desktop Application and an “@northwestern.edu” email address.

  • Click on “Calendar” in Outlook
  • Create a new appointment or meeting
  • In the To: field, add the meeting attendees
  • In the To: field, perform a room search and find the room you want to reserve (Silverman 1-510, Silverman 2-510, Silverman 3-510 or Silverman 4-510). The email address for each room follows this pattern, RM-2170Cmps-0X-510@e.northwestern.edu.  If you want to see availability for all rooms, include each Silverman conference room in the to field and click on Scheduling Assistant in the menu bar at the top of Outlook.

Choose the room you want and send the request. All requests for Silverman conference rooms will automatically be directed to CLP for approval. Your request is pending until you receive a final approval message from CLP (within 1 business day).

Silverman Hall Lobby Reservations

Silverman Hall was designed to advance interdisciplinary research and training. Activities are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, and CLP activities shall always have first priority.

Request for use of Silverman Hall facilities can be made by completing the request form and submitting to clp-info@northwestern.edu at least 5 business days in advance of the event. Facility use is contingent upon acceptance of all terms in the Silverman Hall Space Use Agreement Form. By signing this Agreement, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood these policies. Download Form.

If the event is to be cancelled, the applicant should notify CLP at least 48 hours in advance of the activity. Violation by a use agreement holder of any of the rules governing the use of Silverman Hall and grounds may be cause for the cancellation and denial of future requests.

Facility Management Requests

The CLP Admin office handles all facilities requests for CLP Core spaces and common use areas of the building.  The spaces include:

  • Basement West:  DTC, rPPC
  • Basement East:  CMIDD, Proteomics, QBIC
  • 1st Floor West:  Hotel Space
  • 1st Floor East:  CAMI
  • 2nd Floor East:  Hotel Space
  • 3rd Floor East:  CMIDD, DTC
  • Common Areas:  Hallways, Lobbies, and East Conference Rooms (X-510)

For requests regarding these areas, an email should be sent to Erin Wills, erin.wills@northwestern.edu and clp-info@northwestern.edu with the following information:

  • Room number
  • Description of the problem, including if this is a recurring problem
  • Any more specific directions to the problem
  • Contact Person in case of questions
  • Details of any special hazards or restrictions entering the space
  • An indication of the level of urgency


Room:  Silverman B705 (Basement West Wing)
Problem:  Autolcave #2 (closest to the west wall) door is not closing.
Contact:  Erin Wills, erin.wills@northwestern.edu, 847-674-2302
Note:  Some water is on the floor but otherwise normal attention to the issue is needed.

Note:  If the door was stuck closed and there was immediate need for getting things out then that should be included in the details.

For all lab and office related issues, please contact the department of the PI or occupant.  The departments place and track all these requests.  If you would like to copy Erin Wills, erin.wills@northwestern.edu or clp-info@northwestern.edu, on the email then that might be helpful when determining if the problem effects other labs or related to other reported problems.